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District Court Civil Filing Fees

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Clerk's Office Payment Options

Filing Fees:  Civil, Family, Tax and Expunction 


A member of the National Guard on federal active duty, or a member of the armed forces of the United States on active duty, who is preparing to be deployed to serve in a hostile fire zone as designated by the United States secretary of defense is exempt from paying the following state or local governmental fees the member incurs because of the deployment to arrange the member's personal affairs:

fees for obtaining copies of: a birth certificate; a recorded marriage license; a divorce decree; a child support order; guardianship documents; and property tax records; fees for issuing a marriage license or duplicate marriage license; and fees for transferring title to real or personal property.

Fees starting 09/01/2013

Civil Suits

Civil (regular) $277.00
w/ 11-25 plaintiffs  $352.00
w/ 26 + plaintiffs


Motions, Cross Actions, ect.




Family Law

Divorce  $283.00
Certificate of Name Change  $10.00
Protective Orders  $16.00
Motions, Cross Actions, ect.  $40.00
Family Law case transferred in  $45.00
Notice of Judicial Writ-Withholding  $15.00
Administrative Writ of Withholding  $15.00
Subs. Judicial Writ of Withholding  $15.00
Request to Modify Withholding  $15.00
Issuance of Withholding Order/Writ


Adoptions (for 1 Child/no service)


Delinquent Tax Suits  $170.00
Expunction  $277.00
Petitition for Non-Disclosure  $28.00
Notice with postage  $6.00
Order with postage  $7.00
Additional Civil Fees
Issuance of Citations, Subpoenas, Etc.  $8.00
Jury Fee  $40.00
Filing Motions, Cross Actions, Counterclaim  $75.00
w/ILS ($5 or $10)
Issuing Abstract of Judgments  $8.00
Injunction of Fraud. Filing lien  $15.00
Petition for Non-Disclosure  $28.00
Petition/Eminent Domain (condemnation)  $50.00
Petition/Habeas Corpus  ZERO 
Forteiture of Siezed Property  $50.00
Witness Fee (per day)  $10.00
Copies per page  $1.00
Certified Copy/page  $1.00
Service by Certified Mail w/Postage  $50.00
Clerks Record of Appeal per page  $1.00
Searching files/records/case no.  $5.00
Insufficient Check Fee  $30.00
Notice  $1.00
Order  $2.00
Subpoenas  $100.00
Summons  $100.00
Writ of Attachment  $100.00
Writ of Garnishment  $100.00
Writ of Sequestration  $100.00
Orders of Sale  $100.00
Writ of Possession  $100.00
Forcible Detainer  $100.00
Writ of Execution  $150.00
Writ of Restitution  $100.00
Small Claims Citation  $50.00
Justice Court Citation  $50.00
Temporary Restraining Order  $50.00
All Other Courts’ Citations  $50.00
Precept to Serve  $50.00
Posting  $50.00

District Court Filing Fees
District Clerk


Jim Plummer, District and County Clerk james.plummer@co.garza.tx.us

Lina Rodriguez, Chief Deputy Clerk, lina.rodriguez@co.garza.tx.us


Mailing Address:  PO Box 366, Post, TX  79356

Physical Address:  Courthouse, 1st Floor, 300 West Main Street, Post, TX  79356

Phone:  806-495-4430

Fax:  806-495-4431


Open to the Public:  8:00 AM - 12:noon, 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday