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Public Assistance

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Garza County Public Assistance
General Policy
An application for certification for assistance must be made on the form promulgated by the County which may be altered by the Commissioner's Court as it deems necessary.  All blanks should be filled in if applicable. The County shall provide assistance in completing the form if requested.
The names of clients, data found in their social history filies and whether or not person are being given assistance will not be information available to the public.  However, according to the dictates of the laws of the State of Texas and the laws of the United States, no person may be excluded from any meeting where an application or an appeal is heard.
Under no circumstances may any agent or employee of the County obligate the County of Garza or any department of Garza County, to pay for any type of service or material for which no budgetary provision has been allowed.
General Eligibility Requirements
These general requirements apply to any type of emergency assistance sought by an applicant, through the Garza County Public Assistance Program.
An applicant applying for emergency assistance with rent, utilities, or food throught the Garza County Public Assistance Progrm (hereinafter called Public Assistance) must meet the follwoing eligibility requirements.
1.  The applicant must provide proof that he has resided in the State of Texas continuously for the proceeding six months and provide proof that he has resided in the County of Garza for the last thirty (30) days if that time period.  Further, it is specifically stated that, if the Commissioners Court deems it appropriate in an exceptional case the requirements of residence may be waived.
2.  An applicant must be at least eighteen years of age or provide proof that he/she has been married.
3.  An applicant shall be subject to investigation to determine his/her eligibility and need.  In signing the application, the appliant authorizes the county to check all of his/her possible resources, employment records or benefits.
4.  If an adult member residing in the household is not employed at the time of application for assistance, i is required that each adult provide proof that he has registered for employment throught the texas Employment Commission.  He must also provide proof that he is seeking employment by completing a search for work form provided by the Garza County Public Assistance Agency.  Mothers of children younger than 15 years old, shall b expected to seek employment, providing some adequate means are available for caring for her children.
5.  If the applicant or any other adult member residing in the applicant's household states that he is physically or mentally unable to be employed, that person must provide proof of his disability by providing the Garza County Public Assistance Program with a current statement to that effect signed by a physician.
6.  A client with a steady income could qualify for emergency rent or utility assistance on a one-time or temporary basis if the amount of his income is less than half of the amount needed to pay his rent and utilities.  This would apply only to cases where the applicant has failed to receive another source of income that he usually receives or in cases where the client has used his income to pay an unexpected expense of an emergency nature, such as medical or burial expense.
7.  If the client has enough money in cash, in a checking account or savings account to pay his rent and utilities, he is not eligible for assistance.
8. IfF the applicant appears to be eligible for any State, Federal, or other program, they shall make application for such program and take necessary steps to qualify.  Financial assistance may be given while these cases are pending.
9.  No bills for telephone service, cable television service, special television hook-up service, furniture and/or appliance will be paid.
10.  The County cannot assist a client financially in moving voluntarily from a relatives home into a separate living quarter if the client has no visible means with which to pay his own rent the following month.
11.  In case of marital separation, application for assistance cannot be made until the absent spouse has been out of the household for a minimum of ten days.
12.  A household must be without regular source of income for a minimum of thirty days prior to applying for assistance with rent or utilities.
13.  Persons residing in an all adult household, where no children reside, are ineligible for assistance if all household members are physically and mentally able to be employed.
14.  A household cannot qualify for financial assistance more than twice in a calender year if there is at lest one employable member in the household.
15.  Emergency aid shall be provided on a monthly basis.  An applicant who seeks aid for more than one month shall be required to submit an application  every time he seeks financial assistance.
16.  The Garza County Public Assistance Program cannot assist with rent, utilities, or food if the applicant owns real estate other than a homestead, with a value more than $350.